Get Me Rewrite!

It's amazing how you can improve an article or transcript by just changing a few choice words or phrases. Try it!


Change List: as from,to or from=to


In the Address box: enter the URL of the page to improve.

In the Change List: enter word or phrase pairs consisting of a word or phrase from the target page and the new improved word or phrase, one pair per line, separated by commas or equal signs.

For example:

original = replacement
from phrase, to phrase
from phrase, has comma = to
from, to phrase, etc.

The rewritten page will open in a new browser window when you click the Get Me Rewrite! button, so you can continue to edit your changes on this page. Once the result is satisfactory, You can copy the address of the new window and use it as a direct hyperlink to reproduce the rewritten page.


Bill O'Reilly speaks.
Justice Scalia speaks.
John Negroponte speaks.
Mr. Bush speaks.

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